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Positive Youth Development - Activities

Positive Youth Development programs are essential community based prevention activities. These activities are designed to positively impact young people in five core areas: self-esteem, cultural awareness, intellectual ability, physical fitness, and community involvement. The following programs are financially supported by the generosity of the BFDI gift giving community. We appreciate all donations. For more information on Positive Youth Development programs or donation opportunities, please contact The Department of Community Affairs at 313-758-0150.

Academic Olympics

Assists and encourages youth to view high school graduation as an attainable goal and develops practical objectives to accomplish that goal. Youth are partnered with two adult volunteers to form a study team in one of the following subjects: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and English. Study teams meet twice a week for two hours. Teams participate in research-based activities designed to enhance academic goal setting, career exploration and social skill development.

African Centered Olympics

Partners with local schools to promote cultural respect, positive self-image and enhance self-awareness. Students study educational concepts that examine the historical and contemporary contributions of African-Americans. Elementary, middle and secondary students study the African Centered Olympics' materials. Finalists then represent their school at the city-wide competition, entitled the "African Centered Olympics". Participants receive cash prizes, certificate of recognition and trophies.

Integrity Awards

Promotes positive self-image, self-confidence and self-discipline in youth ages 14-18. Youth are recognized for their positive character traits such as self-determination, honesty, compassion, trustworthiness, and respect.

Aggressive Replacement Training (ART)

Assists youth in improving their social skill competence, anger control, and moral reasoning. Additionally, ART prepares youth to serve as peer mentors and trainers in positive approaches to controlling anger.

Back to School Community Day

Enhances the educational preparedness of youth and children. Promotes the value of education and learning within the community. Participants receive training on what it means to be school ready, on time and on task. They are motivated and encouraged to accept nothing but the best for themselves in and out of the class room. All students receive age appropriate school supplies necessary for academic success. Back to School Community Day places a special emphasis on vulnerable children, youth and families within Detroit communities.

Financial Literacy Training

Engages, empowers, and inspires youth to successfully manage their finances. Financial Literacy Training helps youth develop competency in math, fiscal responsibility and the ability to handle day-to-day financial decision-making.

Christmas Jam

This annual event is designed to showcase the artistic talents of youth. The talents displayed by youth cover all art forms. Christmas Jam is a stage production that incorporates the talents of youth in every aspect of the production. This talent and award show promotes positive self-image, self-confidence and self-discipline in youth ages 14-18. Youth are able to explore, recognize and share their talents, gifts and abilities.

Math Mastery

Assists high school students who have demonstrated challenges with math reasoning. The program goal is to utilize innovative teaching techniques to demystify and simplify advanced mathematic concepts.

My Healthy Body Olympics

In partnership with community organizations and the Detroit Public Schools, "My Healthy Body Olympics" is a health education program. The program goal is to educate youth about the importance of health, nutrition and fitness.

Keys to Literacy

An in school and after school program that uses web-based technology to provide customized literacy training to youth ages 14-18. Participation guarantees an increase in literacy at a rate of up to one grade level. Click here to download the complete brochure

Male and Female Youth Rites of Passage

Utilizes African culture to introduce young people to a new way of thinking and viewing themselves, their families, their community, and the world. A part of the impact of this program is to assist the participants in developing hope beyond their hostility, anger, frustration, and despair. Additionally, youth increase the probability of transitioning into successful adulthood.

The self esteem of each young person and a sense of self-worth will be fortified when they fully comprehend that there is a network of adults who love them and who desire to guide them in achieving their highest potential. The Rites of Passage program targets Detroit youth ages 13-17 on the eastside of Detroit.

The Honorable Obama Bowl

The election of President Obama is historical. Youth will have study guides to assist them in learning the history, values, character and experiences of President Obama that prepared him for the role of Presidency of the United States. Materials will cover his childhood, adolescence, adult life, family life, immediate family, extended and kinship connections in the United States and in Africa. Youth will be required to read President Obama's publications and learn facts about the campaign and campaign strategies leading up to the historic election in 2008.

Summer Youth Employment and Training

BFDI provides work experience and training for underserved Detroit youth. Youth receive employment experience, professional mentoring and job readiness training.

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