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Positive Youth Development - Overview

Since 2003, Black Family Development, Inc. (BFDI) has embarked on a major campaign to implement programs that set the "Best Practices" standard in programming for youth at risk of delinquent behavior. As an organizational priority, Positive Youth Development (PYD) is designed to enhance adolescent confidence, self-esteem and ego strengths.

As part of its deliberate approach to deliver comprehensive programming, BFDI is committed to helping young people discover their gifts and talents, learn new skills and experience successes that will prepare them for adulthood. Consequently, young people are afforded positive experiences both in school and within their respective neighborhood communities.

Utilizing research compiled by the Search Institute, a leading global innovator in discovering what children and adolescents need to become caring, healthy, and responsible adults, Black Family Development, Inc. uses an asset based approach in its Positive Youth Development programming. As identified by the Search Institute, there are four important areas of positive youth development. They include:

* Developmental Assets
* Thriving and Sparks
* Spiritual Development
* An Engaged Community

More specifically, the common goals of asset based youth development programming include, but are not limited to:

* Promoting positive relationships with peers
* Emphasizing youths' strengths
* Providing opportunities to learn healthy behaviors
* Connecting youth with caring adults
* Empowering youth to assume leadership roles in programs
* Challenging youth in ways that build their competence

Developmental Assets, defined as "the building blocks of raising healthy children and youth" address external as well as internal factors that impact maturation into successful adulthood. These factors form the foundation of much of BFDI's youth development programming to address the identified needs of those it serve
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